Why Us?

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Dr. Mauger has won the "Best of the Best" in Chiropractic services in Corpus Christi area 14 years in a row!!!!!!!

Mauger Medical
under the direction of Dr. Michael A. Mauger D.C.
6009 S. Staples
(361) 993-3917

When a person is injured in an accident or suffering from back and muscle pain, they often are referred to a chiropractor. Dr. Michael Mauger D.C. , director of Mauger Medical, said the chiropractor's role is to treat pain and teach patients to better take care of themselves.

"It's a doctor's job to cure often, give relief to many and always comfort," he said. Mauger Medical offers a variety of services including acupuncture, massage and physical therapy. The office also has an exercise and rehabilitation center to help patients.